Monday, April 30, 2012

FFG Posts for 4/30/12

Designers discuss their favorite cards from the 'A Tale of Champions' cycle of cards.  Mainly highlighting changes to the Melee game and the Joust keyword.

Preview of next Asylum Pack for Call of Cthulhu.  Looks incredibly sweet, I think :).

Preview of next Adventure Pack for the Lord of the Rings LCG, called The Long Dark.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally picked up Game of Thrones!

Which means that finally, I can start appreciating the Game of Thrones articles and podcasts and websites out there, as well as the game itself.  About time!

I've already started tinkering with a House Stark deck and a House Targaryen deck.  Can't wait to actually play some games!

All that's left to start is Call of Cthulhu, but that may have to wait a bit (maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday, haha).

FFG Posts from 4/25/12

Watchers in the Water is now available for Lord of the Rings.  The new Aragorn looks really sweet, and the Dwarven attachment they show (Legacy of Durin) is going to be a nice addition.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FFG Posts from 4/24/12

An event announcement for the Game of Thrones LCG, as well as mention of a new print-on-demand expansion.

Card spotlight for Warhammer: Invasion, from the Fragments of Power pack.  The card is Swift-Moving Storm, which gives all your units the Scout keyword, really helping with the hand-destruction theme from a few articles ago.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Contents of Warhammer: Invasion, Core Set

Card Number, Name of Card, Quantity

1 Defender of the Hold (x3)
2 Zhufbar Engineers (x1)
3 Hammerer of Karak Azul (x3)
4 Troll Slayers (x3)
5 Runesmith (x3)
6 Durgnar the Bold (x1)
7 King Kazador (x1)
8 Dwarf Cannon Crew (x1)
9 Dwarf Masons (x1)
10 Dwarf Ranger (x2)
11 Mountain Brigade (x2)
12 Ironbreakers of Ankhor (x1)
13 Rune of Fortitude (x1)
14 Keystone Forge (x3)
15 Organ Gun (x1)
16 Master Rune of Dismay (x1)
17 A Glorious Death (x2)
18 Grudge Thrower (x2)
19 Burying the Grudge (x1)
20 Stubborn Refusal (x1)
21 Striking the Grudge (x2)
22 Grudge Thrower Assault (x1)
23 Demolition! (x1)
24 Wake the Mountain (x1)
25 Master Rune of Valaya (x1)
26 Peasant Militia (x1)
27 Reiksguard Knights (x3)
28 Bright Wizard Apprentice (x1)
29 Nuln Tinkerers (x1)
30 The Greatswords (x2)
31 Sigmar's Blessed (x1)
32 Thyrus Gorman (x1)
33 Huntsmen (x3)
34 Warrior Priests (x3)
35 Free Company (x2)
36 Pistoliers (x3)
37 Johannes Broheim (x1)
38 Knight Training (x1)
39 Church of Sigmar (x2)
40 City Gates (x1)
41 Shrine to Taal (x1)
42 Temple of Shallya (x1)
43 Defend the Border (x2)
44 Will of the Electors (x1)
45 Twin-Tailed Comet (x1)
46 Demoralise (x3)
47 Franz's Decree (x1)
48 Forced March (x2)
49 Judgement of Verena (x1)
50 Sigmar's Intervention (x1)
51 Silver Helm Brigade (x1)
52 Archmage of Saphery (x1)
53 Blessing of Isha (x1)
54 Radiant Gaze (x1)
55 Greater Heal (x1)
56 Crooked Tree Goblins (x3)
57 Squig Herders (x3)
58 Ironclaw's Horde (x1)
59 Followers of Mork (x2)
60 Black Orc Squad (x3)
61 Boar Boyz (x2)
62 Urguck (x1)
63 Grimgor Ironhide (x1)
64 Night Goblins (x1)
65 Doom Divers (x1)
66 Lobber Crew (x3)
67 Big 'Uns (x1)
68 Rock Lobber (x1)
69 Choppa (x2)
70 Totem of Gork (x1)
71 Banna of da Red Sunz (x1)
72 Smash 'Em All! (x2)
73 Grimgor's Camp (x1)
74 Smash-Go-Boom! (x1)
75 Rip Dere 'Eads Off! (x1)
76 We'z Bigga! (x2)
77 Favour of Mork (x3)
78 Pillage (x1)
79 Waaagh! (x1)
80 Troll Vomit (x1)
81 Servants of Khorne (x3)
82 Savage Marauders (x3)
83 Festering Nurglings (x3)
84 Nurgle Sorceror (x1)
85 Chaos Knights (x2)
86 Cultist of Slaanesh (x1)
87 Valkia the Bloody (x1)
88 Melekh the Changer (x1)
89 Fledgling Chaos Spawn (x1)
90 Savage Gors (x3)
91 Dark Zealot (x2)
92 Bloodthirster (x1)
93 Cloud of Flies (x1)
94 Horrific Mutation (x1)
95 Sadistic Mutation (x1)
96 Warpstone Meteor (x1)
97 Journey to the Gate (x2)
98 Shrine to Nurgle (x3)
99 Seduced by Darkness (x2)
100 Will of Tzeentch (x1)
101 Nurgle's Pestilence (x1)
102 Flames of Tzeentch (x1)
103 Blood for the Blood God (x2)
104 Culling the Weak (x1)
105 Slaanesh's Domination (x1)
106 Disciple of Khaine (x1)
107 Vile Sorceress (x1)
108 Cold One Riders (x1)
109 Cauldron of Blood (x1)
110 Hate (x1)
111 Contested Village (x3)
112 Contested Fortress (x3)
113 Contested Stronghold (x3)
114 Armoury (x3)
115 Forgotten Cemetery (x3)
116 Warpstone Excavation (x3)
117 Pilgrimage (x1)
118 Burn it Down (x1)
119 Innovation (x1)
120 Infiltrate! (x1)
121 Prepare for War! (x2)
122 Dwarf/Empire Alliance (x1)
123 Empire/High Elf Alliance (x1)
124 Dwarf/High Elf Alliance (x1)
125 Chaos/Orc Alliance (x1)
126 Chaos/Dark Elf Alliance (x1)
127 Orc/Dark Elf Alliance (x1)
128 Cut Supply Lines (x6)
129 Reinforcements (x6)
130 Sabotage (x6)
131 Shifting Tides (x2)

FFG Posts from 4/21/12

Stuff about the Joust Metagame for A Game of Thrones.

A preview of the new Asylum Pack for Call of Cthulhu. 

Unfortunately, as of yet, I don't play either of these games, but one day these will be exciting to me :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FFG Posts from 4/18/12

Some information and spoilers about a new Battle Pack (Rising Dawn).  The cards mentioned all seem pretty awesome.  New Legend for High Elves (Eltharion), a new Neutral Order unit to make quests really efficient, and a Neutral Destruction unit to hinder your opponents' quests.  Really really sweet stuff.

A bunch of information about using Bilbo Baggins from the upcoming Over Hill and Under Hill Saga Expansion.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Attempts at solitaire Lord of the Rings, 4/17/12

Well, I tried to play 'Passage Through Mirkwood' solitaire this evening, just to see how it would go.  I figure that with its difficulty rating of '1', it would be a good warmup for trying some of the more challenging scenarios.

Absolutely not.

First, I tried two games using just the Tactics cards.  Gimli, Legolas, and Thalin, with the Tactics cards from the core set plus the first couple of Adventure Packs.  Couldn't even get out of the first quest area.  Starting with 3 threat means that you'll almost never get any progress right away, given the starting location and Forest Spider, and if you run into even a small rut of locations, you're done for (the monsters you can fairly easily kill, thankfully).

I figured, hey, let's try something else.  Let's go with the Leadership cards!  Aragorn, Theodred, and Gloin took a crack at this quest, and despite handling themselves better, they didn't make it any farther. 

Next time I give it a shot, I'll probably at the very least take an actual constructed deck, with cards from two supporting types.  My mono-color decks certainly don't fly solitaire, haha.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Site updates for 4/16/12

The pages on the right were added- both Authors and a list of the games/products.  The Warhammer:Invasion and Lord of the Rings games have been fully fleshed out, as well.

FFG Posts from 4/16/2012

Sneaking Past The Watcher in the Water, Part Three

Gives an example deck list for utilizing the new Secrecy mechanic.  What is possibly the most interesting to me is both that new Aragorn hero card (reset your threat!?), and the Sword that Was Broken Attachment.  Very cool looking stuff.


Greetings, greetings!

So, let's cut to the chase.  This blog is about LCGs- namely, a type of CCG that doesn't used a randomized distribution method.  With all the various blogs and resources out there relating to the various CCGs, I felt that there was a distinct lack of resources about this important, awesome subgenre, and I wanted to make sure it was addressed.

So, what games does this site cover?  At present, there are only 4, but more are sure to come:
  • A Game of Thrones LCG
  • Call of Cthulhu LCG
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
There is also a future addition already mentioned (Star Wars: The Card Game), that should be out in later 2012.  Notice- all of these games are released by Fantasy Flight Games.  They seem, for the moment, to be the only company to adopt this release style.  Here's hoping more companies follow suit.

For now, I only play the last two of those games, but I'm hoping to move into Game of Thrones soon, and Call of Cthulhu soon after.

I'm not a very good player yet, I'll freely admit that, but I hope with some practice, and spending enough time engrossing myself in it, that I'll not only get better, but will simultaneously provide a good resource for people playing these fantastic games.

What can you expect from this place?  For now, primarily news and lists of the cards in each of the sets.  I hope to eventually get good enough to put up strategy articles and deck-building advice.  With some more experience and skill, I'll handle tournament coverage and maybe a rules question or two.  Eventually, I would also love to support fictional cards and variants.

Finally, this isn't going to be much if it's just me alone- if anyone else has a love for these games, even if only just one, let me know!