Monday, January 21, 2013

New Warhammer: Invasion Podcast

I haven't done a good job of mentioning podcasts when they are created, but I will be trying to, from now on.

There's a new Warhammer:Invasion podcast out there: WINVASION.  I don't know that there's every been a Warhammer podcast, making it the only game without one, so I'm really excited to see it in action, and can't wait to hear some episodes!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Battle for the Old World Spoilers (Warhammer: Invasion)

Unique Orc Legend
3 Cost (2 Loyalty)
1 Power Kingdom/Quest, 2 Power Battlefield
3 Hit Points
Forced: When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game.
Action: When this legend attacks, play a non-Epic Spell Orc tactic from your hand for free.

Da Great Waaagh!
Unique Orc Quest
0 Cost (3 Loyalty) 
Play in any opponent's zone under your control.
When you assign combat damage to this zone, you may place any number of that combat damage on this quest instead.
Forced: When the 3rd damage token is placed here, sacrifice this quest to gain an additional battlefield phase this turn after the current battlefield phase.

Mob O' Hutz
Orc Support
1 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
If you control a non-Orc card, sacrifice this card.

Ded Scary Boy
Orc Unit
3 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
3 Hit Points
Orc only.  Ambush 2.
Action: When this unit ambushes, it takes 1 damage.  Then, units with no damage lose 2 Power until the end of the phase.

Iron Defenders
Dwarf Unit
2 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
2 Hit Points
Dwarf only.  Ambush 1.
Action: When this unit ambushes, it gains Toughness 2 until the end of the phase.

Dead-Eye Cannon Crew
Dwarf Unit
5 Cost (2 Loyalty)
3 Power
4 Hit Points
War Machine.
Battlefield only.
Action: When this unit attacks, sacrifice X developments to destroy target non-Attachment support card in the attacked zone.  X is the support card's cost.

Reiksguard Elite
Empire Unit
3 Cost (2 Loyalty)
2 Power
1 Hit Point
Elite. Knight.
Battlefield only.
This unit gains +1 hit point for every experience attached to it.
Action: When this unit attacks or defends, attach 1 experience to it.

Devoted to Taal
Empire Tactic
0 Cost (1 Loyalty)
Action: Take target experience attached to a unit or legend you control into your hand.  Then, attach this card facedown to that unit or legend as an experience.

Chapterhouse Stables
Empire Support
3 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
Lower the cost of the first Knight unit you play each turn by 1.

Unique High Elf Unit
4 Cost (2 Loyalty)
2 Power
3 Hit Points
Elite. Ranger.
Action: When this unit attacks, put 1 resource token on it.  Then, deal X indirect damage to target opponent.  X is the number of resource tokens on this unit.

Nagarythe Warrior
High Elf Unit
4 Cost (2 Loyalty)
2 Power
3 Hit Points
Elite. Ranger.
High Elf only.  Ambush 2.
Action: When this unit ambushes, deal 1 damage to each damaged unit.

Hidden Outpost
High Elf Support
3 Cost (1 Support)
1 Power
Lower the Ambush cost of the first card you ambush each turn by 1.

Norse Clansman
Chaos Unit
3 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
3 Hit Points
Forced: When this unit is opposed in combat, discard the top card of your deck.  If the discarded card is a unit, deal 1 uncancellable damage to target attacking or defending unit.

Power of Chaos
Chaos Tactic
0 Cost (5 Loyalty)
Action: Until the end of the turn, you may play any number of Limited cards. (Paying all costs)

Summoning Tower
Chaos Support
2 Cost (2 Loyalty)
1 Power
Action: When this zone is attacked, sacrifice a unit in this zone to put a Chaos unit of equal or lower cost into play from your hand into this zone.

Slave Hunter
Dark Elf Unit
3 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
2 Hit Points
Action: When this unit survives an attack on an opponent's zone, sacrifice it to take control of target non-unique unit in that zone.  Move that unit to your corresponding zone.

Captured Mind
Dark Elf Tactic
1 Cost (3 Loyalty)
Action: Examine target opponent's hand.  Then, you may play a unit from that opponent's hand (paying its printed cost but ignoring its loyalty) into any of your eligible zones under your control.

Hag Graef Mine
Dark Elf Support
3 Cost (1 Loyalty)
1 Power
Action: Corrupt a unit you control but do not own to (choose one): draw X cards, or gain X resources.  X is that unit's loyalty.

Pegasus Knight
Neutral Unit
4 Cost
2 Power
4 Hit Points
Bretonnian. Knight.
Order only.  Battlefield only.
Action: When you declare attackers, you may declare this unit as an attacker against a different zone.

Bonegrinder Giant
Neutral Unit
5 Cost
3 Power
4 Hit Points
Destruction only. Battlefield only.
While this unit is attacking alone, you may assign damage to your opponent's capital before assigning damage to defending units.

Battle for the Old World Contents (Warhammer:Invasion)

41 Wurrzag (x3)
42 Da Great Waaagh! (x3)
43 Mob O' Hutz (x3)
44 Ded Scary Boy (x3)
45 Iron Defenders (x3)
46 Dead-Eye Cannon Crew (x3)
47 Reiksguard Elite (x3)
48 Devoted to Taal (x3)
49 Chapterhouse Stables (x3)
50 Lilea (x3)
51 Nagarythe Warrior (x3)
52 Hidden Outpost (x3)
53 Norse Clansman (x3)
54 Power of Chaos (x3)
55 Summoning Tower (x3)
56 Slave Hunter (x3)
57 Captured Mind (x3)
58 Hag Graef Mine (x3)
59 Pegasus Knight (x3)
60 Bonegrinder Giant (x3)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What else is out there that might count as an LCG?

So, at the moment, FFG produces 6 great LCGs, but like any gamer, I always want more.

So naturally, the question is- what else is available?

Well, what sort of things do I want in a card game?  Deck-building is a major key.  Heck, half the work you do in getting better as a player is in designing new, awesome decks.  Of course, the second part of that is drawing- the randomization (and optimization) of what comes off the top of your deck is fairly important, at least to me.  Finally, card games can eventually become stale without expansions.  I feel like occasional (doesn't have to be monthly) expansions to the game really add a lot to the game, by creating a steadily shifting meta.  You'll have to regularly go back and adjust your deck to handle the new environment you're playing in.

Of course, the better the rules, the better the game, but without these things in some way, it's hard to count the game as an LCG.

So, the question from before.  What else is available?

The first game I thought of was Frontline General: Spearpoint.  In this one, you have deckbuilding- you have a number of points you're allowed to spend on your deck, and you construct it using those points.  The issue is that the decks are mutually exclusive.  If you have a German deck, you build with only the German cards.  Same with the American cards. You do have good draw rules, and the game itself is fantastic (and I have some posts on my Cardboard Warriors blog about it), but it also doesn't have very frequent expansions, and some of the 'expansions' aren't compatible with the base game (the 1987 expansion in the future, for instance).  Good game, but not really LCG material.

Mage Wars is another interesting one, and it's one that cardgamedb has started supporting.  You have deck building (I believe based off a points system as well, although I'm not sure).  You have what could be yearly expansions (depending on what the company decides to do).  I've never played the game, but it's got a heavy boardgame component (you move cards around a board, as I understand it).  There is no card draw, again, as I understand it- you'll choose two cards from your deck each turn.  I'm interested in playing this, but the jury is still out for me on whether this would be an LCG or just a card-based boardgame.

PURGE: Sins of Science was a recent successful Kickstarter campaign and one that caught my interest, but I didn't back because, well, I'm poor.  It had deckbuilding, it had expansions (at least a few), but apparently the card draw was a little different, but I'm not sure how.  This may qualify, but we'll see how it goes before I really try picking it up.  I hear the rulebook is a mess, for example.

Elemental Clash is another one that has potential.  Deck building, desire for future expansions, it looks like it could be good.  I've heard it described as a mix between super-simple Magic the Gathering, Call of Cthulhu, and Battletech, but primarily Magic in mechanics.  To me, that's not a big deal- I really enjoyed Magic, and would continue to play if it wasn't for the random boosters.  I worry that the game will be TOO simple, but I'll wait and see- maybe the expansions will add some additional complexity to the game.

I've also heard Shadowfist is moving to this format, which is supposed to start this upcoming year (although I see you can get the starter now?), which will certainly bear investigation, especially as they seem to be slowly reprinting cards from the CCG era into the expansions.

So, anyone else have any ideas for games, either currently out or in the future, that might be LCG-like?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally broke out Star Wars...

... and gotta say, I really loved it.

I was concerned that the game didn't 'feel' like Star Wars, that the quick movement from your deck would make the individual cards less important, and frankly, that I might not like the mechanics, but after one game, I don't have nearly the same level of concern.

Of course, that's after only one game, so who knows how I will feel after more games, but man, I'm certainly excited to keep trying.

On a side note, I played by finally going to LCG night at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, which is every Thursday.  It was pretty cool, and gets a good sized crowd.  They were mostly playing Star Wars (although Rob got into a game of Call of Cthulhu with one of the guys there).  I brought my Warhammer: Invasion cards in the hopes that someone would randomly ask about it... no luck though.  Assuming I can go semi-regularly (and I hope to), I'll keep at it!