Thursday, May 10, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/10/12

Preview of The Long Dark Adventure Pack.  A bunch of GREAT new Dwarf stuff.  Ever My Heart Rises is going to be pretty handy in some of the quests.

A little bit of preview from the upcoming Fragments of Power Battle Pack, mainly focused on the use of the new High Elf support, Tor Elyr (which prevents your opponent from targeting other High Elf support cards).  That's going to be pretty helpful in keeping some of these High Elf decks ticking.

A notice that the new Chapter Pack, Valar Morghulis is available.  I've seen this in stores, so I know it's out there.

Information on the next Chapter Pack for a Game of Thrones, The House of Black and White.  New Arya Stark, the House of Black and White (as a House Stark location?), and mention of changing you and your opponent's characters.  Pretty interesting looking!

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