Thursday, June 21, 2012

Contents of Warhammer:Invasion, Fragments of Power

Card Number, Name of Card, Quantity

21 Star Crown Fragments (x3)
22 Ungrim Baragor (x3)
23 Master of Maps (x3)
24 Blood Vengeance (x3)
25 Arachnarok Spider (x3)
26 Da Great Leader (x3)
27 Averheim Soldiers (x3)
28 Higher Learning (x3)
29 Ellyrian Patron (x3)
30 Tor Elyr (x3)
31 Sworn of Khorne (x3)
32 Stolen Skin (x3)
33 Agent of Malekith (x3)
34 Swift-Moving Storm (x3)
35 Arkayne Vampire (x3)
36 Descendant of Gods (x3)
37 Dance to Loec (x3)
38 Snotling Invasion (x3)
39 Summon the Reserves (x3)
40 We Hates Them All (x3)

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