Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hordes: High Command game played 12/3/13

Managed to get in a four-player game of Hordes: High Command yesterday.  I chose to play Skorne, with the other 3 factions taken by an individual player.

My deck was:
Archdomina Makeda
Tyrant Xerxis
Void Seer Mordikaar
Blue Detachment
Purple Detachment
Yellow Detachment

I honestly have no idea how well these work together, since I have only played a few games of this so far.  However, there were plenty of Void Spirits in my deck, as well as plenty of Titans.

I didn't really bother keeping notes of the game; I just wanted to make some general observations.

The player to my left was a Circle player, who managed to consistently rush Army cards to several locations throughout the game.  He regularly had two or more cards at two different locations.  Well, our Troll player basically ignored him, and our Legion player occasionally stepped in to slow him, but most of the game, I tried to stop him from scoring (unsuccessfully, mostly).  It was not a good strategy for me, I had too many expensive cards, which could only go out and stall for a turn before getting killed.

I definitely enjoyed the Void Spirits, however.  They are only in the Purple Detachment, but man, they are a great way to stall at a location.  I don't know what I could use to support them, however.  I feel like the Titan Gladiators would be nice, because the Void Spirit would definitely be there by the time the Gladiator was put on the table... but the Gladiators have such a low Strength that I can't really kill anything.  Why is all of the Skorne stuff so low strength?

Anyway, Rob ended up winning with Legion, with (I believe) 23 points.  I ended last, with 13.  Not such a good game.  Honestly though, I don't know what I could do differently, but maybe after more experience playing High Command, I could think of something.

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