Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Various FFG news updates [Lord of the Rings]

Eesh, I get sick, go to a convention, and get busy, and I immediately slack off on posting.  Well, I'll work to correct that.

So let's see what's come up new from FFG on the Lord of the Rings front since the last time I've posted.

Now May I Make a Right Choice. This covers Boons and Burdens from the upcoming Treason of Saruman Saga Expansion. 

Let's look at these Boons, first:

As mentioned in the article, these all key off traits from some of the Boons you receive from the Black Riders quests. Really, there's not a dud amongst these- Intimidation works really well with some Tactics builds I've toyed around with, for sure, resource generation from Leader of Men is always nice, and Forewarned gives an ability that will frequently come in handy, given the nasty Shadow effects we've been seeing.  Hands of a Healer feels a tad weak, partially because it requires you to exhaust the attached hero to use it, and partially because there's plenty of good healing options out of Lore as is.  Also, there are currently no heroes with the printed Healer trait, meaning you'll have to depend on the results of the previous Saga adventures to get a chance to use it (whereas the other required traits are actually printed on some heroes).  Still, having the ability to get healing in a non-Lore deck would be pretty interesting.  

The Burden listed in the article, Poisoned Counsels, is nasty.

And you should read the article to see how you get it, basically at the beginning of one of the quests, you'll be given a choice to immediately go into battle, or to spend a turn preparing (and getting a free Ally into play).  If you take the latter choice, this gets added to your deck, and drawing it would be just about disastrous.  Eesh, that's going to be a tough choice.

I'm excited to get this box in my hands (and Lost Realm as well), and I'm especially glad my group has started showing interest in playing more of this- we're actually planning to play The Hunt for Gollum in the next couple of weeks- an old quest that I've already beat a few times (mostly solo), but one that the newer players in my group are excited about.

This is the second pack from the Angmar Awakened Cycle, and there's, naturally, a lot of cool stuff in here!

There will also be a new Lore hero, new Ent-focused cards (for Tactics), but I have to say, this new mechanic of triggering off the victory display (as evidenced by Keen as Lances) is just too cool.  Leave no Trace seems like an okay card- it's not amazing in any sense, but it's going to be nice in multi-player games to trim some of the worst cards from the encounter deck, but knowing that me and everyone I'm at the table with is going to be able to use Keen as Lances for CHEAP after two Leave No Traces is nasty.  NASTY.  This is just another case where talking to your team pre-game will come in handy, especially if these quests are as great and involved as the most recent ones from FFG have been anyway.

Anyway, lots of new cards showing up, and still lots of reasons to be and stay excited about Lord of the Rings!  Now to just play more.

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