Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 7/2/16

Games played:
  • City of Heroes CCG - 1 game.  Once again, played with Regulus and Polar Star starters.  I'm now comfortable enough to start building some of my own decks.
  • VS System 2PCG - 1 game.  Ran my Thanos deck against my Magneto deck.  Why yes, I finally did build my own decks!  Was quite a lot of fun (Magneto won), but gave me experience deck building and playing more than just a starter.
  • Warhammer 40K: Conquest - 2 games.  Played both against Ben, first was using my Anrakyr the Traveler deck against his Salane Morn deck.  I mulliganed into a very very pricey hand, and couldn't actually get enough board presence to be relevant.  Second game I played my Morn deck against his Nahumehk deck.  I managed to get a very strong command presence, and was able to pretty effectively handle him in battle.  I managed to win on planet 5- he ran out of bodies to stop me from taking it.
New acquisitions:
  • 7th Sea - 2 Scarlet Seas starters.  I'll break these out, learn the game, and see how I feel about it (the rules have me excited though).
  • Adventure Time Card Game - For the Glory! Booster.  I'll try this game out this weekend, but it's nice seeing what's potentially available if I decide to build some decks.
  • Dune - 2 Eye of the Storm starters.  Same as above, I'll read the rules, learn the game, see how I feel.
  • Epic - Sage Tyrants Pack.  I think I'm up to two copies of each of the Tyrants packs.  
  • Highlander CCG - 3 Starters.  This was really popular for a time, but I know almost nothing about it.  Figured I could correct that.

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