Friday, December 14, 2012

Contents of Warhammer: Invasion, Oaths of Vengeance

21 Alith Anar (x3)
22 Rescue Prisoners (x3)
23 Outlying Tower (x3)
24 Nagarythe Archer (x3)
25 Karak Hirn Warrior (x3)
26 Band Together (x3)
27 Wealth of the Hold (x3)
28 Maid of Sigmar (x3)
29 Distribute the Spoils (x3)
30 Wolf Chariot (x3)
31 Goblin Raiders (x3)
32 Get Outta My Way! (x3)
33 Shaggoth Champion (x3)
34 Summons of Chaos (x3)
35 Vaedra Bloodsworn (x3)
36 Hag Graef Knights (x3)
37 Cavalry Raid (x3)
38 Stealthy Skink (x3)
39 Skaven Packmaster (x3)
40 All Out War (x3)

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