Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gaming on 12/05/12

This won't be terribly exciting, but I did manage to teach a friend at work how to play Android: Netrunner, yesterday  Two quick games, with him using my Shaper deck, and with me using my Haas-Bioroid deck.  He ended up winning both games (the first game 7-0), but that's partially because I played intentionally sloppy a little to let him see the mechanics.

The game itself doesn't matter- the important thing is that I'm expanding the game, ever so slightly, by teaching it to new people.  In the last six months, I've managed to get a new Game of Thrones player, and new Lord of the Rings player, and with luck, a new Netrunner player.  Maybe I'll make that a goal for 2013.  Increase the LCG total player base by ten people, or something.  Might be a fun challenge.

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