Friday, April 22, 2016

A new introduction

I have been very bad.

Bad about blogging is one thing- the amount of time I have to do anything varies from day to day, so there is no guarantee I'll have time to sit here and blog.  Knowing that, I don't feel too bad about a long delay (although my last post was a year ago tomorrow, ugh).

Instead, I have been bad about purchasing.

I got back into card gaming after a many year delay due to Fantasy Flight Games' LCG line.  The ability to play Warhammer: Invasion where all the cards were easily accessible was just too incredible to pass up.  In addition, every LCG produced was just another game I could play and love.  Then other companies (Alderac, Upper Deck) started noticing how great this was, and put out their own games.  Of course, I had to get those too.  During this time, I also played Legend of the Five Rings, from AEG, a game I loved 20-ish years ago when it first came out.

Of course, none of these were a problem.  The costs have been reasonable, and the releases are fairly infrequent.  Indeed, any delays actually help me- I always have a lot of cards available to me at any given time anyway.

What was really bad was when I started picking up old CCGs.

At first, it was just the Star Trek CCG, 1st Edition.  Then, of course, I discover there is a 2nd Edition, which means I get more cards (and much to my joy, there's a continuing committee releasing new expansions for these games!).  Then, I decide to get Babylon 5.  Then I think back to all the other CCGs I played... and get them as well.

After buying a bunch of these (and not really having many opponents), I looked for a new game that I would actually be able to play.  And ended up buying Magic again.

Although I love Magic (I have played it various times in my life- Ice Age and Mirrodin were my most serious times playing it), it is a bit of an expensive game.  I've been keeping it pretty casual, focusing on Commander and a sort of casual approach to Standard... but I realized what I SHOULD be doing is trying to get my other games on the table somewhere.

You see, I love all of the card games I play, each for a different reason. I want different things out of all of them.  I don't want my life to be just about playing Magic, and trying to hit up the major tournaments.  I am not out to make money doing this.

I want to share my love of card games with people.  Be it Android: Netrunner (which there are plenty of sites and discussion out there already), or Berserk (a Russian LCG-type game), or anything in between, I hope to talk about it.  With luck, someone else with my passion for these games will find something worth talking about as well.

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