Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 4/30/16

Games played:
Android: Netrunner- 4 games (a small draft tournament- went 4-0!)

New acquisitions:
Salsette Island (Android: Netrunner)
Marvel Vs. System 2PCG: A-Force Expansion
Valentina Starter (Force of Will)
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Two-Player Introductory Set (Star Wars CCG)

A few Magic Boosters for Shadows Over Innistrad (finally got a Thing in the Ice!).

A second quiet week for me, but I should start playing more again soon.  My final for my current class is next Wednesday, and I have had my fiance's mother down visiting the second half of this week.  All valid excuses, if you ask me.

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