Friday, January 18, 2013

Battle for the Old World Contents (Warhammer:Invasion)

41 Wurrzag (x3)
42 Da Great Waaagh! (x3)
43 Mob O' Hutz (x3)
44 Ded Scary Boy (x3)
45 Iron Defenders (x3)
46 Dead-Eye Cannon Crew (x3)
47 Reiksguard Elite (x3)
48 Devoted to Taal (x3)
49 Chapterhouse Stables (x3)
50 Lilea (x3)
51 Nagarythe Warrior (x3)
52 Hidden Outpost (x3)
53 Norse Clansman (x3)
54 Power of Chaos (x3)
55 Summoning Tower (x3)
56 Slave Hunter (x3)
57 Captured Mind (x3)
58 Hag Graef Mine (x3)
59 Pegasus Knight (x3)
60 Bonegrinder Giant (x3)

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