Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally broke out Star Wars...

... and gotta say, I really loved it.

I was concerned that the game didn't 'feel' like Star Wars, that the quick movement from your deck would make the individual cards less important, and frankly, that I might not like the mechanics, but after one game, I don't have nearly the same level of concern.

Of course, that's after only one game, so who knows how I will feel after more games, but man, I'm certainly excited to keep trying.

On a side note, I played by finally going to LCG night at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, which is every Thursday.  It was pretty cool, and gets a good sized crowd.  They were mostly playing Star Wars (although Rob got into a game of Call of Cthulhu with one of the guys there).  I brought my Warhammer: Invasion cards in the hopes that someone would randomly ask about it... no luck though.  Assuming I can go semi-regularly (and I hope to), I'll keep at it!


  1. Nice site, and thanks for connecting to my blog, Tales From the Cards, in your feed. I'm currently in the process of weighing which LCG I should dabble into next besides Lord of the Rings. I'm deciding between Star Wars and Netrunner. Right now, Netrunner has the edge, because I really like the theme and the mechanics seem so unique. Star Wars is attractive because its Star Wars, but its nice to see that it feels like Star Wars as well, as that has been my concern as well.

  2. Hey, no problem- I actually have you as a subscription in google reader, and when I can, I really enjoy your articles. Unfortunately, Lord of the Rings is the game I play the least, but I am actually hoping to correct that soon.

    Overall, the game really does feel a lot like Star Wars, but man- it certainly takes some ignoring of things. I imagine that after more plays, I won't even think twice about them.

    If you are looking for a second game though, I feel like you can't go wrong with Netrunner. It's SUCH a solid game, and the Data Packs have really done a great job of bringing everything into great balance. It's a perfect time to get into it!

    Also, thanks for stopping by :)


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