Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Contents of The Battle of Lake-Town

1 Terror From the Mountain (x1)
2 Fire and Water (x1)
3 The Dragon's Wrath (x1)
4 Smaug the Mighty (x3)
5 Smaug the Terrible (x3)
6 Smaug the Magnificent (x3)
7 Lake-Town (x1)
8 The Old Thrush (x1)
9 Close to the Flame (x3)
10 Scorching Blast (x3)
11 Town-Baiting (x3)
12 Dire Magnificence (x3)
13 Catching Fire (x 2)
14 Reckless in His Rage (x2)
15 West Pier (x1)
16 The Master's Manor (x1)
17 South Pier (x1)
18 North Pier (x1)
19 Merchant's District (x4)
20 East Pier (x1)
21 Great House (x1)
22 Great Bridge (x1)
23 Fisherman's Dock (x4)
24 Esgaroth Wharf (x4)

Also, 2 rule cards and a summary card.

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