Friday, November 2, 2012

Contents of Warhammer:Invasion, Days of Blood

Card Number, Name of Card, Quantity

1 Crone Hellebron (x3)
2 Capture Slaves (x3)
3 Bride of Khaine (x3)
4 Chill Sea Watchtower (x3)
5 Veteran Thunderers (x3)
6 Doors of Karak Hirn (x3)
7 Ludwig Schwarzheim (x3)
8 Middenheim Lookout (x3)
9 Midden Moors Watchtower (x3)
10 Great Fire Dragon (x3)
11 Shadowlands Hunter (x3)
12 Magic Ward (x3)
13 'Idden Boy (x3)
14 Banna Bearer (x3)
15 Warboss Banna (x3)
16 Norse Marauders (x3)
17 Ghorgon (x3)
18 Reckless Attack (x3)
19 Bordertown (x3)
20 Muster for War (x3)

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