Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gaming on November 3rd, 2012

Played a few games today.

The goal was to teach Frans about the game, but sadly, that didn't happen, as I ended up getting 'taught a lesson', so to speak.

Games 1 and 2, I played a Martell Icon removal deck (with Quentyn Martell as my agenda) against Frans' Stark Siege of Winterfell deck.  Game 1, I ended up with a mediocre start, and Frans' deck worked smoothly, taking me down (15-0, maybe?).  Game 2, more of my deck got working, but it wasn't enough, as Frans seemed to have answers for most things.  This one ended 15-9, in his favor.  I like my deck, but man, it's just too slow.  I think I need to drop a character or two, and add more cheap income locations.  I always felt like I was struggling to get going, so having something to speed me up will be nice.

Game 3, I ran a Greyjoy deck, using the Kings of Winter agenda, with the intent to choke his income.  We ended up having to cut the game short (after 7 rounds), but the choke part was working.  Unfortunately, I was doing just as good a job hurting myself, and I think I ended the game with only 3 power (Frans, I believe, had 2).  If we have more time, we may try giving that game another go.

So.... 0-2 on the day, but I did have fun.  Can't wait to get some time to tweak these decks!

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