Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cyber Exodus Spoilers (Android: Netrunner)

Nerve Agent
Anarch Program
3 Install Cost
1 Memory Cost
2 Influence Value
- Strength
Whenever you make a successful run on HQ, place 1 virus counter on Nerve Agent.
Each virus counter after the first on Nerve Agent allows you to access 1 additional card from HQ whenever you access cards from HQ.

Joshua B.
Unique Anarch Resource
1 Install Cost
3 Influence Value
When your turn begins, you may gain Click.  If you do, take 1 tag when this turn ends.

Emergency Shutdown
Criminal Event
0 Cost
2 Influence Cost
Play only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn.
Derez a piece of ice.

Muresh Bodysuit
Criminal Hardware
1 Install Cost
1 Influence Cost
Prevent the first meat damage each turn.

Criminal Program
3 Install Cost
1 Memory Cost
2 Influence Cost
- Strength
Once per run, you may expose an unrezzed piece of ice when you approach it.  You may then jack out.

Chaos Theory: Wunderkind
Shaper Identity
0 Base Link
40 Minimum Deck Size
15 Influence Limit
+1 Memory Unit.

Test Run
Shaper Event
3 Cost
3 Influence Cost
Search your stack or heap for a program.  Install that program, ignoring all costs.  Shuffle your stack if you searched it.  When the turn ends, add the program to the top of your stack if it is still installed.

Unique Shaper Hardware
5 Install Cost
2 Influence Cost
Dinosaurus can host a single non-AI icebreaker.  The memory cost of the hosted icebreaker does not count against your memory limit.
Hosted icebreaker has +2 strength.
Limit 1 console per player.

Personal Workshop
Shaper Resource
1 Install Cost
4 Influence Cost
Click: Host a program or a piece of hardware from your grip on Personal Workshop and place power counters on it equal to its install cost.
1 Credit: Remove 1 power counter from a hosted card.
When your turn begins, remove 1 power counter from a hosted card.
When there are no power counters left on a hosted card, install it, ignoring all costs.

Public Sympathy
Neutral Resource
2 Install Cost
0 Influence Cost
Your maximum hand size is increased by 2.

Project Vitruvius
Haas-Bioroid Agenda
3 Advancement Requirement
2 Agenda Points
When you score Project Vitruvius, place 1 agenda counter on it for each advancement token on it over 3.
Hosted agenda counter: Add 1 card from Archives to HQ

Haas-Bioroid ICE
3 Rez Cost
1 Influence Cost
4 Strength
Code Gate.  Tracer
- Trace (3) - If successful, the Runner loses Click, if able.
- Trace (3) - If successful, end the run.

Edge of World
Jinteki Asset
0 Rez Cost
2 Influence Cost
0 Trash Cost
If Edge of World is installed and you pay 3 Credits when the Runner accesses it, do 1 brain damage for each piece of ice protecting this server.

Jinteki Operation
0 Cost
1 Influence Cost
Choose a server.  Arrange the ice protecting that server in any order.

Marked Accounts
NBN Asset
0 Rez Cost
1 Influence Cost
5 Trash Cost
When your turn begins, take 1 Credit from Marked Accounts, if able.
Click: Place 3 Credits from the bank on Marked Accounts

Pop-up Window
0 Rez Cost
1 Influence Cost
0 Strength
Code Gate.  Advertisement.
When the Runner encounters Pop-up Window, you gain 1 Credit.
- End the run unless the Runner pays 1 Credit.

Weyland ICE
4 Rez Cost
3 Influence Cost
2 Strength
Sentry.  AP.
Woodcutter can be advanced only while rezzed and gains "- Do 1 net damage" for each advancement token on it.

Weyland Operation
0 Cost
1 Influence Cost
Choose a piece of ice.  Gain 1 Credit for each advancement token on that ice.

Private Contracts
Neutral Asset
3 Rez Cost
0 Influence Cost
5 Trash Cost
Place 14 Credits from the bank on Private Contracts when it is rezzed.  When there are no credits left on Private Contracts, trash it.
Click: Take 2 Credits from Private Contracts.

Neutral ICE
2 Rez Cost
0 Influence Cost
0 Strength
When you rez Chimera, choose sentry, code gate, or barrier.  Chimera gains that subtype until derezzed.
When a turn ends, derez Chimera.
- End the run.

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