Saturday, February 23, 2013

Glory of Days Past Contents (Warhammer: Invasion)

61 Thorek Ironbrow (x3)
62 Recover Mithril Lode (x3)
63 Mine Engineers (x3)
64 Karak Hirn Mine (x3)
65 Ostland Greatswords (x3)
66 Fulminating Cage (x3)
67 Master of Qhaysh (x3)
68 Guarding Boon (x3)
69 White Lion Master (x3)
70 Borgut Facebeater (x3)
71 Boar Rider (x3)
72 Get 'Em Ladz! (x3)
73 Chaos Dragon (x3)
74 Wasting Disease (x3)
75 Painful Mutation (x3)
76 Outlaw Sorcerer (x3)
77 Ghrond Errand Riders (x3)
78 Marked For Death (x3)
79 Rogue Warrior (x3)
80 Strength of Emperors (x3)

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