Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Various happenings from FFG

Man, lots going on from FFG lately, thankfully for all their games.

Call of Cthulhu has a preview of 'The Key and the Gate' expansion, covering primarily Yog-Sothoth.  However, they decided to use the article to focus on a specific card from the expansion, The Festival.

To be honest, I'm probably nowhere near the level of skill I'd need to tackle building a deck around this, but I would love to try to use this to power a deck.  Maybe some sort of Zoog deck (of course, I'd have to work to get the Dreamlands cycle, but that's beside the point).  Maybe try to use Servant from Out of Time to get the cards I want into the discard pile?  I'm not sure, but it would sure be a fun one to try.

Game of Thrones, after quite a delay, released their next Chapter Pack, Reach of the Kraken, introducing the new naval enhancement!  Of course, it's way too early to see how it'll influence the game, but with the included agenda, Black Sails, has a lot of potential that won't be realized for several more releases.  Still, you could fit what, four characters with naval enhancements (including the one neutral character) into a Greyjoy deck for now, so it's possible to get a start.  Another chapter pack release is probably needed before I even try building such a deck though.

The first deluxe expansion for Star Wars, Edge of Darkness, was announced.  Twenty Two new objective sets, eleven for each side make up this expansion which should turn the Scum and Villainy and Smugglers and Spies into fully functional factions.  Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed that I'll have to purchase two copies of the expansion to have a full playset, but overall I'm happy that they're including a lot of different options for the two factions.  Overall, I'll be happy to see it released.  As I'll mention in my next post, I'm not exactly good at Star Wars- I really just don't get the flow of the game very well, but even so, I genuinely enjoy the system, and I really love the cards.  One day, I imagine I'll get better as well.  I like that the capture theme is being strongly supported in this expansion as well.  Really fits the theme, if you ask me.

Lord of the Rings has an article discussing the deck lists from the next Lord of the Rings Saga Expansion (on the doorstep).  They also cover a few more of the cards in the set.  Lord of the Rings is probably the game I play the least these days, but hey, it's still a pretty cool article.

Finally the announcement of the next deluxe expansion for Warhammer: Invasion.  Titled Cataclysm, it finally provides support to the game for more than two players!  Fantastic news, not only is this something that the game really needed, but it's something that seems to be implemented in a unique and fun manner (having to fight over certain location equivalents).  They are also moving Warhammer over to the deluxe expansion distribution method that Call of Cthulhu has.  I'm a little sad to see this happen, but overall, it's probably a good move for the game.  This way, there will be fewer releases, each of which will have a lot more cards.  Although I'm loving the most recent set of Battle Packs, I am a little impatient to see what other options are available for the Raider and Ambush keywords, which are important parts of several cards.  If this was released as a Deluxe Expansion, I'd be able to have a lot more options earlier.  Definitely would be a bonus.

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