Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My recent LCG gaming

I have not been completely idle lately in actually breaking my games out, and figured I'd post about my recent games.

Let's go over my recent games by game.

Android: Netrunner
I've managed to get quite a few games of this in recently, all against Rob.  In the past few weeks, we've played a total of 7 games, 5 of them with me running a Criminal deck against Rob's various Jinteki builds, and 2 of them with me running Haas-Bioroid against Rob's Anarch deck.

I'm not completely familiar with the cards in the game, although I'm getting better, so I definitely walked into quite a few traps when playing against the Jinteki decks.  Overall, I didn't fare too horribly (I went 2-3), and I tended to win in landslides, or lose by net damage.  I've started to get better about protecting myself from the net damage, however.  It's hard to be patient as Criminals, but sometimes you can't afford to run when you don't have cards in your hand to suffer the backlash!

With the Corporation decks, I'm doing pretty well (2-0 against Rob's Anarch deck).  Both our games took quite a bit of time, as I tend to build up slowly, but they both ended about the same way.  Rob ran, figured he had a good setup, and I ended up rezzing either Archer or Janus 1.0, which he couldn't deal with at the time, and set him back so far that he couldn't recover.

Since Netrunner was released, my overall record has been 3-3 with the Runner, and 3-0 with the Corporation.  Not too terrible a start, but I really wish I could play more!

Game of Thrones:
Played two games against Rob.  Both times I took my Greyjoy Kings of Winter choke deck, which I'm trying to get the hang of.  The first game, Rob took a basic Stark Tully based deck that he hadn't updated in a while (no House of Dreams'd Riverrun?) and destroyed me.  He got three power on The Blackfish quickly, with a dupe on him, and I couldn't do anything to slow him down.  End score was 15-0.

Second game, I took the same deck against Rob's Lannister clansmen deck.  This one went much better for me, and I took a 15-0 win, as I managed to basically keep Rob's income low enough to prevent him from playing anything.

So... two games in, and I really couldn't tell you how good my deck was.  A lot of it is likely just my inexperience running such a deck, and I haven't really done any tuning to it yet.  If I could play it more, I probably could improve it though.

Star Wars
I've played two more games of this recently, again against Rob.  Played once as the Light Side, and once as the Dark Side, and both times ended up being absolutely crushed.  I mean, it wasn't even close.

I'm not sure what it is about this game.  I really love the mechanics, and the game as a whole seems to have a LOT of promise.  I just don't seem to 'get' it.  The overall flow of the game is just off for me.  I'm pretty sure I didn't win a single battle, nor a single edge battle, in either of these games.  For now, I'm not really sure what I can do to rectify this either.  My thinking is that I may just take all the cards, build the starter sets out of the box, and just keep playing against myself until I get a good feel for when I should attack, when I should defend, and so on.  There's some basic tactical step I'm missing here, and it's hard playing this until I figure it out.   I will though.  And with the great-looking upcoming expansions, I really want to do so quickly.

Warhammer: Invasion
I've only managed to get a single game of this in.  I've been trying to get it seen at the local game store (Games and Stuff), and managed to rope Rob into a game.  I let him use a copy of the High Elf deck that won the world championship (basically a combo deck that uses Eltharion the Grim to end the game), and I took a basic Orc Rush deck that I had built, with the goal of at least letting Rob get a feel for the game, and playing a deck which had a style that I thought closely matched his.

As you can imagine, I got crushed, which wasn't unexpected.  Still, it was a good time, and I did learn quite a bit from the game.  I don't know what I could do with Orcs to make the game any closer (aside from waiting for errata from FFG for a few cards), but even so, I think that with other decks, I might be able to stand a chance.  And hey, I managed to get a few people to see the Warhammer was a game that was played, so next time I have a Thursday free, I'll head over there, and maybe get some games in!

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