Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Current Card Games on Kickstarter 5/4/16

Any good card games currently on Kickstarter?

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game looks like a sure bet for me to grab.  It's not my 'style' of card game, from what I can tell (I don't build decks pre-game), but the theme is a big plus for me, and it looks like it'll be a really enjoyable game.

9DKP Trading Card Game.  Three different starters (one for each faction).  Rules are posted, plenty of images of cards are posted, and the product looks pretty decent.  It seems like it might be a little simple for my taste.  Additionally, as a TCG, the Booster Packs are kind of the core business model.  It looks like at the highest likely tier anyone would pay, I would get three (in addition to the three starters)?  Why not have additional boosters as an add-on, at the very least?

Gringo-Gaijin's: Dawn of the Aerogirls.  There's a lot wrong here.  First, the title of the product.  Should a possessive go before the colon?  That feels really awkward.  The video of the product even misspells it (as Areogirls).  That's really bad.  Anyway, the game looks to be a CCG with women as the main combatants in some alternate reality World War II.  However, not enough information about the rules or the cards is really given.  I guess they are hoping that anime girls will sell a product by itself?

I keep an eye on Kickstarter from time to time, looking for anything that looks like a card game of my particular taste (separate decks, pre-built before the game).  I have found some decent new games this way- but I do miss a few.  If you come across any, please let me know!

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