Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 5/7/16

Games played:
Star Wars CCG - 1 game (basically played with the decks in the Empire Strikes Back 2-Player Intro Box)
Legend of the Five Rings - 1 game (Arc, trying out my Dragon Clan Oni deck).
Netrunner - 11 games (used Sync, Industrial Genomics, Leela, and Jesminder, The Professor, and Palana Foods).  6 of these games were in a small tournament

New acquisitions:
Few boosters of Shadows Over Innistrad (got a second Arlinn Kord)
A booster of DBZ: Perfection
A starter and a booster of Force of Will.
A ton of Middle-Earth cards
Flight of the Stormcaller (Lord of the Rings LCG)
The Final Gambit (Warhammer 40K: Conquest)


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