Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 5/28/2016

Games played:
  • Netrunner - 2 games.  League match against BK.  Played Cybernetics Division against his Edward Kim deck, and got crushed.  We switched, and I beat him with his Edward Kim deck.  My first attempt at Cybernetics Division... not so good.
  • WARS TCG - 1 game with Joey, playing out of the 1st set starters.  Got a feel for some strategy, and also had a good time (I also ended up winning)
  • L5R - 1 game.  Taught the game to Ben J, using the Phoenix starter against the Mantis starter.  It's not a very good matchup, but I did put up a fight until the end, and I think the game has captured his interest.
  • Pok√©mon - 2 games.  I took a starter deck against Joey who was running some deck using cards from previous expansions.  It was not close at all.
  • Epic Card Game - 5 games.  Trying my hand at constructing some decks, so played some games against myself.  One of my decks seems to be working pretty well.  The other one... not so much.  I may need to grab some of the new packs (I only own one of each so far).
  • Magic: The Gathering - 11 games.  Played a lot of games of Commander with E.
New acquisitions:
  • Two starter decks for Blood Wars.
  • Two starter decks for the Shadowrun CCG.
  • True Steel (Game of Thrones LCG).
  • Legions of Death (Warhammer 40K: Conquest LCG)
  • The Liberated Mind (Netrunner LCG)
Good mix of purchasing and playing.  Have a Conquest tournament this upcoming Tuesday, so wish me luck!

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