Saturday, May 28, 2016

Upcoming series of articles (Back Issues)

Starting Monday, I am going to put up a series of articles covering an important piece of the card game hobby's history: Gaming Magazines.

Soon after I got into Magic, I discovered Inquest (later Inquest Gamer), and was hooked.  Not only was it generally an entertaining read, but the strategies contained inside the covers of each issue were invaluable to improving the quality of my play and deck building.

In today's world with easy internet access, this sort of publication is not particularly needed.  Magic has many communities that cover every aspect of the game with daily updates.  Many of FFG's LCGs have very active online communities, and would not be properly served by this format.

However, for dead CCGs, such communities do not particularly exist.  And although I don't expect this to change, I think having some access to the information that was printed on these pages would be a great service to people interested in getting into various older card games.

Therefore, I will be going through issues of various magazines, writing a few notes about what was in each issue, putting most of the decks included on this blog, and with luck, somebody other than myself finds some value in these articles.  Note that I will not post scans of the issues themselves (I don't believe that to be legal), but the deck lists and perhaps various other things will make their way onto the blog.

I do not expect I will include much of the content from Magic: The Gathering articles on the blog- as I said, Magic has plenty of content producers out there, for all formats, even the formats that would be legal at the time of these magazines' publication.  If something particularly noteworthy shows up, however, I will make sure it's included.

I will start with Inquest Gamer and Scrye magazines.  In a similar vein to the previous paragraph, I don't expect I'll have much reason to put Duelist articles on here- there's so much MTG info out there, I'm not really adding anything by copying that stuff on here. 

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