Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 6/11/16

Games played:
  • Warhammer 40K: Conquest - 1 game against Ben, running my Anrakyr the Traveller against his Old One Eye deck.  Did not do well, kept losing command struggles, and eventually the game.
  • Lord of the Rings LCG - 3 games.  Bobby, Ben and I attempted to tackle Watcher in The Water, losing the first time, but prevailing the second time.  I ran Aragorn/Glorfindel Secrecy, and once we got to the second part of the quest, we had no issues.  Our third game was trying The Long Dark quest, but we ran out of cards to do the tests, and eventually ran out of characters, killing us.
New acquisitions:
  • Lord of the Rings LCG, The Thing in the Deeps Adventure Pack.  Even though I'm quite a ways away from playing and using these cards, I wanted to make sure I didn't fall behind on getting stuff for the game.
  • Raxxa's Revenge pack for Epic.  I only bought one of each when the game first came out, so I'm slowly working to get the full playset of each.
  • Random Magic Booster, Random Force of Will Booster, Random My Little Pony Booster.  Just felt like opening boosters, I guess.  Also, grabbed a box of Eternal Masters)
  • Star Wars CCG singles.  Just cards for random projects (got a C-3P0 and a Princess Leia, for instance).
  • Star Wars TCG starters.  This is a generally well liked game with fan expansions being released. Wanted to make sure I could learn the rules, see if I wanted to get in on it.
  • Star Trek CCG singles, both 1st and 2nd Editions.  Random stuff, again for various deck ideas. 
  • WarCry cards.  I bought two starters, a few boosters, and some random promos.  This is a generally well liked game, so I wanted to check out the rules.
  • Xena Starters.  This is something I think my fiancee would play, so I bought these with that in mind.  One can hope!

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