Monday, June 27, 2016

Siege Warfare: Greco-Persian Wars on Kickstarter

Here's a link to the second set in the Siege Warfare series.

Normally, I have to go work to find new card games on Kickstarter, but because I backed the first game, they sent a notice.  I love it when things are easy.

This is a non-collectible card game, with fixed decks, deck building, and all that good stuff.  If you like LCGs, this definitely fits.

I can't speak to the game play, unfortunately.  I took the decks I had and played three games with them, having... kind of a mediocre time- BUT, in each game, I found that I was playing a MAJOR rule wrong, and each change has made the game more enjoyable.  Like, I still have yet to play this game correctly, but will likely give it another shot this year. 

Why all the mistakes?  Honestly, this isn't that complicated a game, rules-wise, but the rulebook is fairly vague in some places.  The designers have been very good about responding on BGG (which is how I found out mistakes).  I suspect there's a good game here..I just haven't played it yet :)

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