Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Card Gaming, Week Ending 6/25/16

Games played:
  • Game of Thrones, 2nd Edition - 3 Games, two against Dan, one against... I don't remember his name.  Used Baratheon Fealty.  Was about to get Stannis out early every game, and was able to hold on long enough in each game to get a lot of kneel going, and my opponent couldn't recover. Three wins! 
  • L5R - 2 games.  Oni vs Phoenix Dragon deck again.  I really need to build some new decks.  At this point, I'm fairly certain the Oni deck works great.  The Phoenix deck seems to hit a wall, but I need to try it against a few other things to see what the problem is.
  • Star Wars LCG - 2 games, both against Dan, using my Jedi control deck against his Scum and Villainy Capture Control deck.  Split the games.  First game, I came out swinging, second game I petered out a little early, then had a turn where I drew no characters.  Tough to recover from that.
  • Star Wars TCG - 1 game.  Finally got around to trying out my starter decks.  Game seems a bit fun.  I'll take a look at the IDC releases, see if this is something I want to invest in.
  • Warhammer 40K: Conquest - 1 game.  Played against Dan using my Anrakyr the Traveller deck against a Broderick Worr deck.  I took three of the first four planets, and that was enough to win.  Our final battle was a big one, where he tossed all his resources into winning... and then I started bring some Decaying Warrior Squads back, and he was out of tricks and bodies to handle them.
  • Xena CCG - 1 game.  Played a practice game.  I think this is something I could teach my fiance, so wanted to make sure I knew the rules (not that they are all that complicated).
New acquisitions:
  • Adventure Time Card Wars - Got the Princess Bubblegum vs Lumpy Space Princess box.  I know nothing about this show, but the game itself was on clearance, so I figured I'd grab it.
  • City of Heroes - grabbed a bunch of cards off of ebay.
  • Epic - bought the Green pack for Tyrants.  Almost have two of each of the packs now.
  • Mythos CCG - Bought a starter, so now I can finally learn the rules. 
  • Star Trek CCG/Star Wars CCG - same as always, grabbed a few singles.

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