Friday, March 15, 2013

My gaming from 3/12

Just a quick update on the most recent day of LCG gaming I had (I don't get many... for now).

Started off by playing Netrunner against Rob.  I ran a brand new Noise deck I constructed against a newly created NBN deck.  Game went for a while, and I eventually won 7-5... but the victory was immensely flawed because I misread Chimera (thought it derezzed after every run), allowing me to run multiple times a turn for almost no cost.  Odds are, playing it correctly, I would have lost- but there was certainly enough uncertainty there to warrant not counting it in either one of our favor. 

I did learn even from this game though- my Noise deck needs a lot more economy.  I spent the entire game without resources, which isn't a very good strategy.

Second game was Star Wars- I took a Jedi deck against Rob's Imperial Navy deck.  I had a really rough time getting characters out in the early and mid-game, but when I finally started getting them, I ended up pushing through a victory, with the Death Star dial at 10!  Part of this was because Rob only ran a single copy of any objective in his deck, but still.... a win is MUCH better than I had done in the past, meaning at the very least, I'm improving in this game :).

Finally, we broke out Mage Wars, and I learned how to play.  I was pretty impressed.  There's certainly enough replay there (and book-building) to warrant playing it more.  I will try to add it to the rotation of things this site covers, although there might be a slight lag time in that.  Regardless, another sweet card game that's out to get into.

Overall, I had a great time, got some (undeserved) wins, and managed to break out LCGs, which I badly wanted to do.  With luck, I can do so again before the end of the month!

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