Friday, March 15, 2013

Rumors of a new LCG from FFG?

There's a rumor that FFG may be working on an LCG based off the old Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG.  My source:

That is great news for several reasons.  First, it's always great to see more LCGs.  This is a great format, and the more games that are out for it, the better (in my opinion).  Of course, my wallet will be displeased, but whatever.  I can always pick up a third job.

Second, V:TES is in my top three of greatest CCGs not currently available (along with Doomtown and Battletech).  It'd be a huge win for FFG to remake this, and I know it's popular enough to really give them some serious income.  I played it briefly in my CCG loving days, and have good memories of it.  It played quickly, you were forced to both attack and defend if you wanted to win... it really was a good game that required a lot of skill (not just deckbuilding) if you wanted to be successful.

Finally, V:TES is a multiplayer game at its heart.  Like, four or more players.  I believe two players was an enjoyable game experience, but it really played best with more people.  LCGs need a game like that.  Lord of the Rings has that for cooperative games, Warhammer and Star Wars will have that eventually, and Game of Thrones does okay for small groups now, but something that could feasibly play 7 people quickly would be a nice addition as well.

I'll be keeping my eye on this- very very exciting news, if true.

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