Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ruinous Hordes Contents (Warhammer: Invasion)

81 Sigvald The Magnificent (x3)
82 Dominion of Chaos (x3)
83 Northern Wastes (x3)
84 Norse Charger (x3)
85 Steel Behemoth (x3)
86 Panther Champion (x3)
87 Pyromancy (x3)
88 King Alrik (x3)
89 Horn Hold Defender (x3)
90 Open the Armoury (x3)
91 Avelorn Sojourner (x3)
92 Sally Forth (x3)
93 Orc Warboss (x3)
94 Wolf Gobbos (x3)
95 Ded 'Ard (x3)
96 Cold One Champion (x3)
97 Test of Will (x3)
98 Spellweaver (x3)
99 Restless Corpse (x3)
100 Lying in Wait (x3)

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