Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Pirates of Lys Contents (A Game of Thrones)

41 Ser Lancel Lannister (x3)
42 The Bear and the Maiden Fair (x3)
43 Cersei's Scheme (x3)
44 Andrik the Unsmiling (x3)
45 We Do Not Sow (x3)
46 Victarion's Scheme (x3)
47 Salladhor Saan (x3)
48 Oakenshield Port (x3)
49 Ours is the Fury (x3)
50 Moreo Tumitis (x3)
51 Swamps of the Neck (x3)
52 Titan's Daughter (x3)
53 Hellholt Docks (x3)
54 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (x3)
55 House Targaryen Loyalist (x3)
56 Balerion (x3)
57 Fire and Blood (x3)
58 Torrhen's Square (x3)
59 Negotiations at the Great Sept (x3)
60 The Long Voyage (x3)

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